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The factory has been deeply loved by new and old customers, and has a good reputation in the market. For a long time, it has gradually formed the purpose of "establishing the market with quality, seeking quality with service, and winning customers with sincerity", and strives to pursue the spirit of craftsman The quality of products and service quality, and strive to build the brand image in the market.

The factory has all kinds of high-precision machining equipment, and is equipped with a high-quality professional team, committed to providing customers with high-quality products. In the production process, we continue to introduce and adopt advanced technology to ensure the quality of the products and continue to meet customer requirements.

Our Advantage

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    Superior Products

    Safe and labor saving, simple and portable;

    Leading technology, strict management;

    Perfect quality management system;

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    Quality Assurance

    20years experience competitive price;

    Focus on practical design and technology;

    Accordance with the quality management systerm;

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    Customer Service

    OEM and ODM are available;

    Offer 24h online service;

    Excellent service for customers requires;

News Articles

  • Can PP bottles be heated for use?

    First of all, the PP bottle is resistant to a certain high temperature, so it can be heated appropriately. Secondly, the PP bottle material has good stability, and it can maintain relative stability in all kinds of environments whether it is summer or winter. Third, PP bottle packaging is suitable f...
  • Characteristics of PET material

    PET is generally milky white translucent or colorless and transparent, with a relative density of 1.38, a light transmittance of 90%, and a water absorption rate of about 0.6%.Mechanical properties: high tensile strength, excellent fatigue resistance, good wear resistance.Thermal performance: poor h...
  • What is the difference between acrylic and ordinary plastic?

    Acrylic is a new type of thermoplastic material. Plastic is a polymer compound that uses monomer as raw material, commonly known as plastic or resin. The connection between the two is that acrylic plexiglass is a new type of plastic, but plastic is for all monomers as raw materials. A general term f...
  • Material characteristics of transparent plastic

    Plastics can be seen everywhere in our lives, and transparent plastics often appear in our daily lives. Although these products often appear in our lives, there are still netizens who don’t know much about transparency. Answer the doubts in your mind.1. The characteristics of transparent plastic mad...


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