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  • 1.How soon can we get a reply after we send you an inquiry?
    In working days, we will reply to you within 12 hours after receiving the inquiry.
  • 2.What products can you provide?
    We mainly produce perfume nozzles, spray nozzles, perfume spray straws, perfume nozzle springs, PE high-pressure plastic straws, left and right switch pump heads, mouse nozzles, medical nozzles, etc.
  • 3. Can you make customized products?
    Yes, we mainly make customized products. We develop and produce products based on drawings or samples provided by customers.
  • 4.How many employees does your company have and how many technicians are there?
    The company currently has more than 120 employees, including more than 20 professional technicians and more than 10 designers.
  • 5.How does your company guarantee product quality?
    First of all, we will have corresponding inspections after each process. For the final product, we will do 100% full inspection according to customer requirements and international standards.